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Every Monday at Aquatic Park Senior Center, a group of dedicated photographers gather together for Roger Graham’s digital photography class. The class introduces Adobe Photoshop and teaches seniors how to save and customize their digital photos. Current student Hugo Salustiano has been attending the class for two months and is learning quickly. Hugo, originally from the Philippines, is a professional photographer who is often hired to take pictures at birthdays and special events. He joined the digital photography class so that he could enhance his pictures and produce a better final product for his clients.

At first Hugo was put off by how complicated Photoshop is. As he continued attending the class, his teacher was able to simplify the steps, and Hugo began to learn the basics. He started out by learning how to upload his photos from the memory card onto the computer and save the digital image. Now he is able to sharpen the quality of the picture and add captions. The next step for Hugo is to learn how manipulate his photos so he can create art! In every class, he learns something new: “Photoshop is continuous learning and a real discovery for a photographer, there are so many things you can do with it!”

Hugo has taken his love for photography one step farther. He is currently teaching an introduction to photography class at the Aquatic Park center and hopefully recruiting more students for Roger Graham’s next session of digital photography!

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Client Spotlight: Hugo Salustiano

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