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While many people take computers for granted, many seniors do not have computers or digital devices at home. Gene Woo is one of them. An 80-year-old Chinese-American senior citizen, Mr. Woo comes to the Richmond Senior Center regularly. He likes the environment at the center and enjoys socializing with people and making new friends there. He likes to learn and is taking singing and Mandarin classes in the community.

Mr. Woo was very happy to find out about the center’s computer lab and that there was Chinese tutor available. He has been coming to the lab for a few months to learn to use the facilities. He has learned basic computer skills and is very good at searching for songs and Mandarin lessons online.

He does not have a computer at home for practice, but that has not stopped him from learning. He brings a tape recorder to the lab and records songs that he liked so he can practice them at home. If you take a close look at the photo here, you can see that Mr. Woo is recording music from the computer into his tape recorder by putting it between the headphones. Neat trick!

虽然很多人想电脑是理所当然的,许多耆英没有电脑或任何数码设备的电器在家里。胡先生 就是其中之一。让我们仔细来看看这张照片,胡先生电脑做室做什么。他把录音机放在耳机之间将他喜欢的歌曲在电脑里录制到他的录音机里去。巧妙的方法!


Client Spotlight: Gene Woo

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