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On October 26, CTN hosted another San Francisco Tech Teach-In event with TechWomen at 30th Street Senior Center. Nine volunteers helped out during the two-hour event and helped learners with WhatsApp, answered questions about using email safely, and spent time socializing with individuals at the site. 

Kelty Davis, TechWomen program manager at the Institute of International Education has this to say about the event: 

Volunteering with CTN has been a fantastic experience for our program participants throughout the three years we’ve worked together. This year, our group, which included women from 10 different countries around the world, immensely enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with the seniors at the 30th Street Senior Center. Not only did they teach the seniors technical skills, they also connected with them individually by sharing stories from their backgrounds, their travels, and their day-to-day lives. These intergenerational and intercultural exchanges, both technical and nontechnical, are so valuable, which is why we love working with CTN each year to bring these opportunities to both the seniors they work with and to our own participants.

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Another Great Year with TechWomen

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