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Today is International Women’s Day, celebrating the achievements that women have brought about in our world. When it comes to technology, women have been instrumental since the very beginning of the industry. In 1843, a woman named Ada Lovelace defined the concept of computer code, allowing a machine to perform complex tasks by repeating a series of instructions. Her work, beginning at age 17, laid the foundation for modern programming, and she is now widely considered a pioneer of the tech field.

Over the course of the 20th century, women like Ida Rhodes, Grace Hopper, and Sophie Wilson all helped computers change from mainframes at universities to PCs in our homes. And the work of women of color like Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughn was crucial to the success of NASA’s famous 1969 moon landing. Today, women continue to lead innovation in technology as the field branches into quantum computing, virtual reality, and fiber optic internet.

The work of these women, and countless others, has inspired generations of young women to transform their lives through technology. For our part, CTN works every day to help connect women who lack access to essential online services. Celebrate International Women’s Day with us today and remember all of the women who have shaped our modern world!

2019 International Women’s Day Is Today!

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