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Photo: Read about why this image was selected for the cover of our 2019 Annual Report

We are pleased to make available our 2019 Annual Report, delayed due to the ongoing shifts in both focus and priorities amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We have to admit, preparing this document by reviewing last year’s stories and service delivery proved to be challenging. The work was a constant reminder of what we considered “normal” and highlighted the uncertainties which accompany our “new normal.” 

Of all the photo images we created last year, the one we selected for the cover of the 2019 Annual Report best captures the essence of our mission. It was taken at a Cantonese-language digital literacy class that was held at SAHA Lakeside in January and was facilitated by Sabrina Tam, senior program manager with CTN. The emotions reflected on the learners’ faces express wonder, amazement, satisfaction, and excitement. That expression becomes a teacher’s reward — the “aha” moment that happens as the learners grasp and understand the new concept presented to them.

While you can expect our 2020 annual report to look much different, it will allow us to again celebrate our strengths, perseverance, and flexibility demonstrated during 2020. Thank you for continuing to support our mission and for making all of this possible.

Please enjoy our full 2019 Annual Report (PDF).


2019 Annual Report Available

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