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Graduates from the CPM program

In 2018, we helped 1,805 unique learners with the support of 196 tutors through 9,772 hours of service. We served learners at 65 different locations and and distributed 510 devices. And we did all of this in nine different languages.

In San Francisco, we partnered with three service learning classes from the University of San Francisco. In all, 28 students from USF volunteered in senior center computer labs. As part of their final project, students created a “How to create a Gmail account” workshop that CTN can use for future trainings. We partnered with Lyft, TechWomen, Defy Ventures, 70 Million Jobs, Smart Recruiters, and a local high school to complete four Tech Teach-in events.

In Austin, we partnered with Mobile Beacon and PCs for People to help deliver and distribute devices to over 100 residents. We partnered with Family Eldercare to deliver digital literacy skills to 40 elders at six senior center sites. We delivered technical training to 20 lab apprentices through the local Housing Authority. We completed eight Tech Teach-in events with corporate partners including AT&T, Google, Microsoft, MicroAssist, and Sprint.

We are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last 12 months, and we’re looking forward to making a larger impact in 2019. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect from us this year.


  • Grow our partnership with USF and form new partnerships with SF State students and faculty.
  • Start a new volunteer program that includes more mini-workshops, especially in the area of employment.
  • Digital Literacy programs in 20+ new community settings — schools, day healthcare, single-resident occupancy (SRO) hotels.
  • Service expansion to the South Bay and Silicon Valley.
  • Curriculum and training for volunteers to teach health technology in multiple languages.


  • Expand partnership with Family Eldercare to deliver the Connect @ Home program at more sites with more seniors.
  • Work with the Austin Independent School District (AISD) to deliver digital literacy training to parents with students in transition years.
  • Expand digital skills training and volunteer deployment in more central Texas cities.
  • Engage more corporate partners in CTN’s Tech Teach-in program investment.

Looking towards 2019, we plan to continue to grow our impact in the Bay Area and central Texas. If you’d like to follow our progress, consider signing up for our monthly newsletter or connecting on Facebook or Twitter. You can always support CTN through shopping with Amazon Smile!

Happy holidays from CTN! 

2018 Has Been a Great Year @ CTN!

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